Eyebrow Shaping


Eyebrow beauty can be a source of concern and stress. Grooming and makeup at home hardly ever produce the desired results. Eyebrow shaping is a new procedure that can only be performed by a professional eyebrow designer. Unlike traditional trimming, it uses waxing to remove unwanted strands and create the ideal brow shape.

The direction and angle of eyebrow growth, as well as facial contour, varies from one person to the next. After thorough counseling, the salon's professional eyebrow designer suggests a beautifully groomed, personal arch tailored to your unique face shape and desired style.

The salon also performs eyebrow grooming for men, using wax and tweezers freehand. The procedure produces a not-too-defined, natural finish and a youthful appearance.


Eyebrow shaping creates the optimal arch for Japanese features, while enhancing your unique facial contour and natural brow. The procedure involves selecting the ideal arch from 12 stencil patterns, removing unwanted strands with wax and tweezers, and filling in the brow with powder, pencil, and gel for a feathery finish. Groomed eyebrows firm the face line and produce a youthful appearance.

Eyebrow shaping for men removes unwanted strands using wax and tweezers freehand. The procedure produces a natural and well-groomed, and even youthful appearance.

The repair service is available within two weeks of eyebrow shaping performed at the salon. The procedure removes newly grown fine hairs with tweezers, and fills in the brow to finish.

  • To more fully experience the quality of the salon procedure, avoid grooming the eyebrows and surrounding area for about two weeks before your appointment.
  • For both eyebrow shaping and eyebrow coloring, please make separate appointments about two weeks apart.
  • The salon will not perform eyebrow shaping if you have special treatments such as photofacials and chemical peels.
  • The salon will not perform the procedure if you have had a similar procedure within two weeks of your appointment.
  • The salon will not perform the procedure on skin with untreated scratches, acne, or other problems.
  • The salon will not perform the procedure on skin with problems, or on extremely thin skin.
  • Waxing may remove more skin cells than necessary from thin or dry skin.
  • Waxing may cause temporary irritation such as rash, acne, tautness, itching, pain, and redness.
  • The skin will be fragile immediately after waxing. Avoid stimulation.
  • Should waxing irritate your skin or cause skin problems, the salon will avoid harming your skin further by not performing a second or subsequent procedure.
  • The salon will select an arch from kakimoto arms' 12 stencil patterns, based on your facial contour, balance between face length and width, and balance between eyes and eyebrows.